Compliance As A Service mounted on a contemporary core in the cloud, built from the ground up for Money Service Businesses
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Unlike other banks that fear encroachment of the fast-developing financial technology sector, we embrace it. Companies that compete with other banks will be our best customers. We will acquire, partner with and otherwise embrace the innovation and technology that these companies are developing

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Corporate Cash Management

We will be well-positioned to handle the demanding cash management needs of our corporate customers. We will have invested in a core processing system and related technology infrastructure designed to serve the financial technology industry.

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Customer Centric Deposit Services

We believe that a simple and secure deposit account opened and maintained through mobile devices and accessible through ATM networks will make it easy and attractive for everyone, including the currently underbanked, to have the benefits of a true FDIC-insured bank account

Risk Management

We will be first in line to meet the significant credit needs of our financial services customers. No other banking institution will have our depth of knowledge about our customers. Although we will offer fair pricing that other banks would rarely be able to beat even if they could understand our unique customers

About Us

Born from Experience and Opportunity

Internet and Mobile have rapidly reduced the barriers to entry for banking. Yet regulation continues to present a large hurdle for those that don’t understand it

We have a contemporary, multi tenanted digital banking platform with world class risk management services that is able to on-board and provide banking and settlement facilities to MSBs in a transparent, fast and economic manner.

We have front ended this bank with a best in breed mobile banking service for consumers that helps them win financially, operates like they do and in turn provides a large set of consumers to whom the MSBs can market.

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